In the golden age of healthcare technology design has become a problem-solving tool able to empower the consumer. In collaboration with Nesta Italia, the IRCSS Institute of Candiolo, IRCSS and IFOM, FIRC Institute for Molecular Oncology, Bees is born, a collaborative design project for cancer prevention.

This project will be released in July 2019



Bees is a tool for prevention – primary and secondary – with two goals: on the one hand it is a useful divulgative/narrative tool, on the other it can be used as a telemedicine device, aimed at healthy individuals, that makes the most of contemporary technology and communication strategies to induce individuals and communities to the voluntary adoption of healthier behaviors and habits.


Marco Da Re

30 people monitor their health and habits for 30 days, and their experience is relayed in a documentary film. The data, organised and systematised, becomes part of an interactive exhibition, while at the same time becoming a useful tool to research centres for the prevention of cancer. An interdisciplinary approach to innovation in the health field.




Coming Soon
July 2019

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