When technology takes inspiration from Nature results can be unpredictable. Digital Nature is an interactive 360° film experience (2019) that wants to discover how Humans take inspiration from Nature to innovate.
The project is in collaboration with CiscoPixvana and IAAD.

Starting point – 360°– Introduction to Digital Nature. Oculus and Pixvana platform suggested.

Direction: Marco Da Re
Copywriters: Elisa Rastello, Alberto Costa, Michael Marata
Interaction designer: Veronica Madan
Voice over: Achraf Bouziane

A digital design research

Digital Nature has been a digital design research in partnership with Cisco and IAAD, the Italian University of Design: these two let us to experiment with their technology, cameras and VR viewers. Pixvana, an American platform that creates interactions between the 360° videos. The aim of this project was to design an output due to Digital Humanity theme in one week.

Some photos of the location, the process and people involved.

Part 1 – Testing

The first phase is testing the hardware and the software. We discovered the power of the scale/point of view in VR/MRenvironments and the connection between physical reality and digital reality.

Testing Insta 360 ONE X and the workflow from the original file to Pixvana

Part 2 – The Theme

Inspired by the biomecry of collective intelligence of ants, we decided to undertake the theme of Nature that inspires Human Innovation. We studied the environment around, also from Salone del Mobile and the exhibition Broken Nature us and we researched examples of inspiring nature.

Broken Nature, Salone del Mobile: Milano was a great source of inspiration.

Part 3 – The interactive film

Using the platform made by Pixvana, the team took two days of shooting and editing using both usual video editing software e and the Oculus Rift for the interactions.

Following, the last scene of the film.

Thanks for your time.

These is Digital Nature, a greatful experience in Milan.
I can’t looking forward starting new projects. See you in 2020.

Project in doing​​​​​

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