“Fragile Future – New Media Art as a tool for mass social awareness is a paper written research. It’s goal is to investigate the ethical function of contemporary art for the mass, inspired from “Coded Nature” exhibition by Studio Drift (Stedelijk Museum, 25 April – 26 August 2018). Can aesthetic make us more aware?

In the book “The work of art in the age of its technical reproducibility“, Walter Benjamin tells how the techniques of reproduction of the works would have ensured an ever greater use of art. But it would have been a distracted fruition. Benjamin writes about cinema and how its use is passive. In fact, he says that due to reproducibility, recollection no longer occurs around the work.

We live in a society where real and digital are now a unique thing, a very rapid evolution where even the cultural sphere undergoes equal changes. It arises spontaneously to investigate the impact of this culture on contemporary art and how it is able to reflect social change.

A point of departure is an exhibition of contemporary authors who combine, in their works, nature and technology, “Coded Nature” at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, to then continue in an analysis of the artistic and cultural context, in order to find a possible answer to the purpose of the research: can an exhibition like Coded Nature make us more aware (and less distracted)?

Coded Nature, as hybrid works of New Media Art, is potentially a good tool to make the visitor distracted and anesthetized aware. Taking up Benasayag, the Argentine psychiatrist quoted in the final document, New Media Art could be like his situational therapy for our fragile future: an awareness of who we are and the world around us.

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