“Sumi-e” is a software extension for the most used programs for professional use, designers, engineers and various stakeholders. A customized interface to collaborate in co-presence, with multiple devices and clear redlining policies. The goal is to eliminate the technological gap and to achieve unlimited creative development.

Collaboration in digital creative projects, where Adobe is often present, is increasingly becoming a fundamental requirement. It involves people from different sectors.

Can we unify people?

"Sumi-e" is conceptualized and designed, a software extension - with applications in Mixed and Augmented Reality and personalization in Machine Learning - of the programs most used by professionals, designers, engineers and various stakeholders, which allows Wacom pen holders to use a personalized interface, of co-existing collaboration, in multiple devices, with clear redlining policies and able to eliminate the technological barrier in favor of creative development without limit.

To design this concept the research team studied documentations about new technologies like machine learning, blockchain and cloud storage platform, and already existing examples of collaboration tools.
Studying the panorama of the realization of projects in collaboration, design or engineering, it can be seen that there is a common trend: sharing information on the cloud.
Modular windows
Collaborative layers
Shared assets
Different types of feedbacks
History of the group
Integration in any software

Scenarios and Frictions

The group interviewed 10 heterogeneous groups of work. The aim of the research was to achieve frictions of the scenarios and to understand all the different points of view of creative softwares users.

Designing the Future of Wacom

We imagine and design a single tool, a Software Extension for designers, engineers and various stakeholders. Together with the Wacom devices – and subsequently the use of mixed and augmented reality devices – we obtain an empowerment of the user in favor of the needs of teamwork.
In the following screenshot some features of tool. To learn more about the software and the design process, please download the final document at the link below.
Download complete Document​​​​​​​

Sumi-e (墨 絵). Literally from Japanese, sumi ink: ink, and 絵: painting. The concept always expands. In Zen very few words are able to reflect the sense of many possibilities of meditation, sumi-and contains within its features an infinitely more complex meaning. The pact to define a painting.


In a dynamic, collaborative and modifiable society, Sumi-e presents itself as a user empowerment solution.
It’s able to provide a real competitive advantage to Adobe devices: a personalized interface, of co-operating in collaboration, in multiple devices, with clear redlining policies. All this for creative development without limits.

Thanks for your time

This was Sumi-e. Our way to eliminate complexities and leave the artists
free to concentrate on the creative process.

Download the entire project here

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