I had the opportunity to write, direct and edit a short film commercial for the Italian television RAI in November 2018. I was called by Wow Solution, an Italian advertising agency based near Venice, to design a commercial for Invent SRL, a company for sustainable energy.

15” version video, shown in television and cinema’s around the North of Italy.


Where there’s light,
there’s magic.

"Where there's light" is a commercial TV for the Italian RAI Television.
The aim of the project was to tell a story of a solar panel, the Invent's one, and to bring it up in positioning. This project was directed and edited by Marco Da Re, with Alessandro Carlozzo (DOP), Wow Solution (production and staff).

Direction: Marco Da Re
DOP: Alessandro Carlozzo

Production: Nicolò Mazzurco
Project Manager: Andrea Pilotto
Staff: Simone Benetazzo, Fabio Scattolin, Marco Pauletto
Client: Invent SRL


Footballers, marble sculptors and huge trees.


To deep inside Invent’s world, we took five days of shooting. We had also the opportunity to work with almost thirty talented and young football players and with a professional marble sculptor. It was a great journey through our imagination.

Here some photos from the backstage and some footages from the final work.

Final Scene – Mum and daughter to the Invent tree
Starting Scene – Never feeling alone

Thanks for your time

This is Where there’s light, commercial directed for Invent SRL made in 2018.
See you next time.

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